Affordable Counseling? Yes, it does exist.

$130 per session? Yikes! that is definitely a lot of money. If you’ve ever looked into counseling yourself you may have found that it is more than a few pennies (even my own services can be costly, I know). Some therapist charge up to $300 per session, especially if they offer an expertise. For the average person, shelling out $100 to $130 can be a significant challenge. Sure, insurance can help, but not everyone has it. Even those covered by insurance can be left footing the bill for high co-pays or supplemental payments. So what should people do? Just give up on therapy altogether? Well, that shouldn’t be an option. Mental health is extremely important and people should not go without the help they need simply because of financial limitations.

In an effort to help provide affordable counseling and mental health services, I have partnered with the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective. Through this partnership, low cost therapy will be provided for client’s with no insurance or high supplemental costs. Costs for a single session will vary between $30 and $60 for an individual, a much better option for a lot of people, especially those without insurance. Open Path is a leader in connecting individuals to affordable mental health services and I am thrilled to be a part of their mission! Check out the link below to view my profile with Open Path and feel free to share with a friend or to sign up so you can start affordable therapy. No time is better than now. Comment below with your thoughts regarding the cost of therapy. Take care friend!

– Daniel Badillo, LMHC

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