The Jar of Life Lesson

person holding glass jar
How are you organizing your priorities?

Some of you might be familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It looks like a pyramid that demonstrates structurally what a person requires to be safe, happy and fulfilled. The jar of life lesson is one that is similar and has been floating around for some time. It speaks to how we organize our priorities in life and teaches a lesson about the importance of prioritizing what is meaningful and important to us first.

The presentation is simple and wonderful. I think it invokes questions about how we use our precious time on this tiny marble of a home. It’s a completely visual demonstration so I’ll let the video below walk you through it. Take the time the view it, to wonder and to explore your own thoughts about your life, time and where your energy goes.

How would you like to prioritize your life and time? Comment your thoughts below and let’s discuss! Check out the video below to see what the jar of life explanation looks like for yourself. Take care everyone!

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